Champion’s QUEST Success Story – Chloe Farmer

Chloe Farmer enters her second year at Champion’s Quest (April,) under the direction of Head Soccer Athlete Performance Director, Brittany Gonzales.  When Chloe began her quest, she wanted to improve on her Strength, Speed, and Nutrition. Being a shorter defender on a nationally recognized team, Beach FC 97, Chloe knew she needed extra training to gain an edge on her teammates and help them in the season and tournaments. Wanting Chloe to succeed at her highest level, Chloe’s parents knew the extra training would help her prepare for the Varsity team in high school and ultimately gain an athletic scholarship for college. With Chloe expressing the same thoughts, she has been coming in regularly twice a week, even during the season. With her thoughts set on improving her speed and strength, Chloe took a deeper look at her soccer goals and wanted to out jump her opponents on heading during throw-ins. With 6 months into training, Chloe improved her approach jump by 3.5 inches giving her enough jump height to achieve her goal and deny her opponents of heading opportunities. Looking to achieve another soccer goal, Chloe wanted to showcase her speed increase (40 yards sprint went from 6.50 seconds to 5.99 seconds.)
Her opportunities came of recent, while her team was competing in the US Youth Soccer Championship Series. Chloe helped lead her team to the final four of the Cal South National Cup and earned them a spot in the Far West Regionals. Playing 6 grueling matches in hot Arizona with several injuries to the starting defense, and a rematch against Legends (they had lost in Penalty Kicks in the Cal South National Cup;) Chloe received her chance with a lot of playing time and was able to use her speed on defense and offense. Only giving up 1 goal in all 6 matches, Chloe and her teammates won Far West Regionals and punched their ticket to the 2012 National Championships July 24-29 in Rock Hill, South Carolina. With her coaches pleased about her performance and speed increase, Chloe is looking forward to playing against the best in the Nation and representing Southern California. “I am proud of her hard work, dedication to training, and her mental toughness to set goals and achieve them. Good luck Chloe, we will be cheering for you and your team in S.C.” –  Coach Brittany


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