CQ Success Story – Elysse Ladjevic

Elysse Ladjevic is a 7th grader who began playing club volleyball this year. In the course of the 3 months she’s been working with Coach Jessica, she has improved incredibly! Her approach vertical increased 4 inches and her upper body strength doubled. One of the biggest improvements Jessica has seen from her can’t be measured on paper–her confidence. She went from being shy and timid on the court to being aggressive and confident. Her parents have noticed a difference even in her body language while on the court!

Some of Elysse’s achievements are shown below:





Elysse has been working with Athlete Performance Coach Jessica Adams, and this is what she had to say about Elysse since entering the Champion’s Quest Academy. “I’m so proud of Elysse and her accomplishments. She works very hard during her hour a week with me and pushes herself in the classes. I love being able to talk with her, pick her brain, and watch her blossom into a confidence volleyball player. My main goal with her is to have her love the game as much as I do and carry that with her for as long as she’s able to play. Great job Elysse!”

Congrats Elysse on your huge improvements can’t wait to see how much you improve in the next quarter!”

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