CQ Success Story – Hunter Epson

Congratulations to Hunter Epson, who will be attending Wilson High School Fall of 2012. On yesterdays evaluation Hunter reached the number one spot for our 11-14 years old group of athletes with a score of 52! Since he began his training this past Fall, Hunter has improved his Standing Vertical Jump by 6 inches with a height of 115 inches (31 inches). He has also improved his Approach Jump by 6.5 inches with a score of 119 inches (35 inches). As a talented golfer looking to go Pro in the near future, Hunter has been dedicated to his training every week. Working on balance, core control, and overall strength, he has noticed the very positive affect his training has had on his game. He has also increased his pull-ups from zero on his first evaluation, to 15 that were completed yesterday.

Some of Hunter’s achievements are shown below:




Hunter has been working with Athlete Performance Coach Meggan Brunette, and this is what she had to say about Hunter since entering the Champion’s Quest Academy. ”I really enjoy training Hunter and look forward to our sessions every week. He is one of the most focused youth athletes I have seen come into our facility. He treats every workout as a new challenge to overcome. As his coach, I am overjoyed with each new accomplishment he achieves. I really look forward to the day we see him play on ESPN.”

Congrats Hunter on your huge improvements can’t wait to see how much you improve in the next quarter!”

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