CQ Success Story – Sydney Olivas

Sydney Olivas plays softball for Los Alamitos High School. She started the Champion’s QUEST Athlete Academy in January of this year. She is coming in for one private each week, and in 3 short months more than doubled her score on her first evaluation. She is on the Frosh/Soph softball team and is looking to make varsity next year, as well as improve on her other sports, including surfing.

Some of Sydney’s achievements are shown below:




Sydney has been working with Athlete Performance Coach Meggan Brunette, and this is what she has to say about Sydney since entering the Champion’s QUEST Athlete Academy. “We have been working on both agility, ladder drills, and explosive strength movements to improve her coordination and quickness on the field. She has been dedicated to her schedule and I am looking to see great improvements out of her in the next year. Sydney has a great attitude and works really hard. She even babysits and takes on additional jobs to help pay for her training. She is a mature young lady, has an amazing work ethic, and is extremely committed to her training.”

Congrats Sydney on your huge improvements can’t wait to see how much you improve in the next quarter!”

CLICK HERE to learn more about how the Champion’s QUEST Athlete Academy can improve your athlete’s overall athletic ability!


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