CQ Success Story – Natalie DeLeon

Natalie de Leon is a Sophomore forward at St. Joseph’s High School in Lakewood and plays club soccer for So Cal Infinity Soccer Club under head coach Alex Camargo. Natalie began training with Coach Brittany and Champion’s Quest in September 2011. Natalie had previously trained at Velocity and came to Champion’s Quest looking for a program that would make her stronger, quicker, and help with college recruiting to a NCAA Division I or II school.

Only being here for 5 ½ months, Natalie has increased her speed from 5.88 in the 40-yard sprint to a 5.13. As well, she has increased her 10-yard speed form a 1.82 to 1.53. Since beating defenders requires a lot of lateral movement and agility, Natalie has improved her lateral speed form 5.12 to 4.68 in the Pro-Agility shuttle. She has confidence to attack the ball in the air with an increased vertical jump to 21 inches off the ground and has found new strength in her legs to finish in front of the net. Finishing her high school season in the CIF play-offs, Natalie had a school breaking record of 31 goals and 18 assists to help her team to the top of their league standings and league co-champions. During her club and high school seasons, Natalie found time to train twice a week, participate in active recovery, and work on her mental game to push her through the tough schedule.

Some of Natalie’s achievements are shown below:




Natalie has been working with Athlete Performance Coach Brittany Gonzales, and this is what she has to say about Natalie since entering the Champion’s Quest Academy. “ I am extremely proud to see the changes Natalie has made in such a short time, especially during her season. Now, that we are in the off-season, I look forward to seeing bigger changes as she continues her training. Great job Natalie on your dedication to getting better and perseverance to outlast your competition. You are a great example of another success story here at Champion’s QUEST.” Coach Brittany and Natalie have also attended the college ID camps at USC and UCI, and are actively pursuing more college ID camp experience.

Congrats Natalie on your huge improvements can’t wait to see how much you improve in the next quarter!”

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