Becoming GREAT at What You Do

Becoming GREAT at what you do


Do you really want to be great? Does being great sound good to you, but in reality it takes too much work? Why do you think you want to be great? What does being great actually mean to you?

Think carefully about these questions. The answers will determine what you are really willing to do and sacrifice in order to achieve your goals. To achieve greatness here is what you must do:

Set your goals high and set your standards even higher. Don’t accept anything less from yourself and remain focused on every aspect of your goal to become great at what you do.

Once your goals are set you must study just like you do to pass a test in school. Become the expert on what you do. Buy books and DVD’s. Reach out to experts in your sport, search the internet and spend time in your local library. Becoming the expert will give you a major advantage over everyone else. Do not simply rely on others!

Once you’ve learned what you need to do in order to be the best you can be you must make sacrifices. Being great isn’t normal. Being a high level athlete isn’t normal either. Therefore how can you live a normal life like normal people? You must eat better than normal people, sleep more than normal people, take care of your body more than normal people, workout more than normal people, practice more than normal people, be mentally stronger than normal people, be a role model more than normal people. Get it? You must live different and with a different purpose than most.

Goals are set, knowledge is gained, and sacrifices have been made. Now what? You must work work work! Not necessarily harder than your competition, but you must work smarter than your competition. When you are not training physically you must train mentally. When you are resting, rest with a purpose. Do all the little things as well as the big things. Train like you go to school. Sport and training is your life just like learning is your life.

If you follow the advice above will you become great? How about this instead, if you DON’T follow the advice above will you become great?

Nick Newman, MS 



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