CQ Success Story – Haylie Butler

Haylie Butler has been an athlete in the Champion’s QUEST Athlete Academy since 2008. She is now a junior at Connelly High School and has been a strong asset to the varsity volleyball team since her freshman year. Haylie’s team won CIF her freshman year as well as the Alpha and San Joaquin League. This year they are still in the running for CIF and League Champions. At the Chadwick Tournament this past October Haylie won the best setter award.  Haylie is not only a champion volleyball player, but also a successful figure skater as well, practicing for an hour and a half every morning before school. Her studies do not suffer because of her success in athletics. In fact just the opposite she has a 4.75 weighted GPA, and volunteers for 5-6 hours at the Torrance Memorial Hospital. She hopes to play volleyball at a collegiate level after next year. Her top three choices are Notre Dame, Princeton and Dartmouth. With all of these achievements on her college resume any school would be lucky to have her!


Some of Haylie’s athletic achievements are shown below:




Haylie has been working with Athlete Performance Coach Derrick Campbell, and this is what he has to say about Haylie since entering the Champion’s Quest Academy. “With all of the athletes I have trained, Haylie is the most self-motivated athlete I have seen. She has had a few lower body injuries that have not stopped her from continuing. With all that she does outside of volleyball, it is somewhat unbelievable that she has the energy to train and stay focused on volleyball. I truly hope the best in her future and her health.”


Congrats Haylie on your huge improvements can’t wait to see how much you improve next season!


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