CQ Success Story – Giovanni Micallef

Another Champion’s Quest athlete is making that extra effort to achieve greatness. Giovanni Micallef is a 10 year old football player that has been in the Champions QUEST Athlete Academy since February of this year. He has shown tremendous improvements on and off the field. He is the quarterback and defensive back for his team the Twin City Wolverines. This year he was named team captain. At his Homecoming game Gio had 5 touchdowns. 3 of them were passing and 2 were rushing. This wasn’t the only highlight of that night for Gio, on top of an outstanding performance Gio was named Homecoming King! Congratulations Gio and keep up the hard work for the rest of your season!


Some of Giovanni’s achievements are shown below:





Giovanni has been working with Athlete Performance Coach Brian Holley, and this is what he has to say about Gio since entering the Champion’s Quest Academy. “Gio has been an absolute pleasure to coach. Because of his commitment and effort here at Champions Quest, Gio has seen great improvement with his speed, arm strength and power on the field. He has an amazing arm and plays the game with immense leadership, confidence, and passion that is not usually seen in someone his age. By the time Gio gets into his later years of high school, he will undoubtedly become one of the best athletes to ever walk through these doors.”


Congrats Giovanni on your huge improvements can’t wait to see how much you improve next season!


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