CQ Success Story – Lance Lalisan and Sean Froelich

In just one quarter two teammates have reached the coveted CHAMPION level here at Champion’s QUEST Athlete Academy. They entered the academy as teammates on their soccer and track and field teams. They are also best friends off the field. The two of them reached the CHAMPION level at the same time making their great accomplishment even more special because they could share it together. They even started calling themselves “Champion Buddies” around the gym. They are playing this fall on the soccer team at Pacifica High School. The two of them on one team will be an unstoppable force.  Good luck boys on your upcoming season!!!

Some of Sean’s achievements are shown below:




Some of Lance’s achievements are show below:




Sean and Lance have been working with Athlete Performance Coach Nick Newman, and Brittney Gonzales and this is what they had to say about Sean and Lance since entering the Champion’s Quest Academy. “ It’s always a great thing when we get teammates into our academy. It’s even better when they are best friends and have been challenging each other since a young age. During the Summer Quarter, Coach Nick and I were greatly inspired by their challenging efforts to reach the CHAMPION level together as “Champion Buddies” Lance and Sean have put in countless hours of hard work during the last few years at Quest and both Coach Nick and I are looking forward to preparing them for college and hanging their college banners in the gym. Great job Lance and Sean!”

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