CQ Success Story – Maggie Streelman

In just 12 short weeks Maggie Streelman has become the youngest and the second ever female athlete here at Champion’s QUEST Athlete Academy to reach the CHAMPION level. She entered the academy in June of this year at the OLYMPIC level, which was a first as a 14 year old. She set a new gym record in the 5-10-5 change of direction test. She also set the second highest gym records in the standing and approach vertical testing as well as the 40 yard dash. She is currently playing volleyball at Valley Christian High School, and is sure to be a huge asset to their team this season!


Some of Maggie’s achievements are shown below:




Maggie has been working with Athlete Performance Coach Nick Newman, and this is what he has to say about Maggie since entering the Champion’s Quest Academy. “Maggie has incredible talent, I knew from the first day I met her she could become one of the best athlete’s we have ever had here at CQ. The sky is the limit for her in terms of potential, and I’m very excited to have the chance to develop her throughout her high school career. I believe in a couple years Maggie can be an outstanding volleyball or track athlete and also have a great collegiate athletics career.

Congrats Maggie on your huge improvements can’t wait to see how much you improve in the next quarter!”


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One thought on “CQ Success Story – Maggie Streelman

  1. Maggie Streelman September 26, 2011 at 12:59 am Reply

    *15 🙂

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