CQ Success Story – Ian Escoto

Another Champion’s Quest athlete is making that extra effort to achieve greatness. Ian Escoto’s parents wanted to put Ian in the Champion’s QUEST Athlete Academy in December of last year to serve as his off-season training. Ian trained hard and put in 100% effort at all of his workouts not taking a single lap in a pool the whole time he was off-season.  When season started Ian won his first two races at the OC Swim Championships, and beat his previous season’s time by 4 seconds. He is only 8 years old and making huge improvements, imagine what he will be able to do as he gets older. Good luck the rest of your season Ian!

Some of Ian’s achievements are shown below:

Ian has been working with Athlete Performance Coach Derrick Campbell, and this is what he has to say about Ian since entering the Champion’s Quest Academy. “Ian is a highly energetic 8 year old swimmer that competes in all the events for swim. His best event is the 25m Freestyle in which his best time for the season is 15.59. That time is 2 seconds faster than what he did last year. He was able to start the season off without any  loss of power or endurance. His father is glad that they started QUEST at the time that they did because it was essentially their off-season and pre-season training all in one. At the OC Swim Championships Ian was able to help his team win the 100m Freestyle relay and placed second in the individuals for the 25m and 50m Freestyle swim. He has shown that no matter how young an athlete is in our program, it can affect the outcome in performance if the hard work is put in. Both of his parents are extremely proud of his accomplishments and believe that the training he has been doing here at QUEST is one of the reasons why Ian has had such a good season. Now there are coaches that want Ian to play water polo for their teams because they see the quality athlete he is and his effort in and out of the pool.”

Congrats Ian on your huge improvements can’t wait to see how much you improve next season!

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