CQ Success Story – Kyle Buchanan

Another Champion’s Quest athlete winning on and off the pitch. Kyle Buchanan began his training to dominate the pitch at Champion’s Quest in January of this year. Kyle trains twice a week in speed and strength on top of his team training with his soccer club. In only 12 weeks, Kyle learned how to control his body and then use it aggressively in the demands of soccer. Kyle has improved over 110% athletically in his first 12 weeks and continues to push his body to reach his fullest potential. Kyle is a rising star and will be a dominant force on the pitch in the midfield and defense. 

Some of Kyle’s achievements are shown below:

Kyle has been working with Athlete Performance Coach Brittany Gonzales, CSCS and this is what she has seen in Kyle since entering Champion’s Quest Academy.  “Kyle comes in each workout with a smile on his face and confidence in his walk. It seems he has always enjoyed soccer and working out, but now he loves it. With the improvements he has made, he is taking more chances, being more confident, and staying humble in the process. I told Kyle after his 12-week re-evaluation, he has no excuse now to not dominate the pitch and be the best athlete out there. He will continue to grow, get faster, stronger, and he’s only 12.”

Congrats Kyle on your huge improvements in your first 12 weeks and we can’t wait to see where you are in 12 more weeks.

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