CQ Athlete Success Story

We have another athlete whose success in our program can’t go unnoticed.  Breanna Guevara has been training here at Champion’s Quest for less than a year and has made massive improvements.  In her time here she has improved over 100%!  She has lost over 50 pounds and made some lifestyle changes that have not only improved her athletic ability but her life in general.  We are so proud to have helped her make such great achievements.

Some of Breanna’s achievements are shown below:

Breanna has been working with Athlete Performance Coach Nick Newman.  When asked what he thought about Breanna’s hard work and improvements he had this to say, “Breanna is an inspiration. Since joining the program she has lost over 45lbs and is becoming a better athlete everyday. Her work ethic is excellent and her dedication to playing volleyball shows above everything else. From what she has displayed over the last 4 months, I believe Breanna can achieve anything she sets her mind to. This includes playing college volleyball.”

A huge congratulations to Breanna on her hard work and dedication.  We know she will continue to improve and we are excited to help her learn and grow as an athlete.

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