Strength Training for Youth Baseball and Softball Players

Importance of Strength Training for Youth Baseball and Softball Players

By: Blake Busson, Champion’s QUEST A.P.C.

Just about every youth ball player we see that enters our program has a weak core along with low levels of strength relative to their body weight. The core muscles, those of the stomach and back area, play the biggest role in baseball and softball. The reason being that these groups of muscles act as a bridge of power from a player’s legs to their upper body. Other important muscles include the quads, hamstrings and chest.

The more powerful you become can only help you on the ball field. The Power Baseball and Softball Performance Program at the Champion’s QUEST Athlete Academy is broken up into three phases: Hypertrophy phase, Power phase and the In-season Maintenance phase. Each phase has a specific purpose and should be followed closely by a certified strength coach.

Examples of Effective Baseball & Softball Strength Exercises:

The barbell push press is very effective at training the muscles in the shoulder area, allowing a baseball or softball player to achieve a very strong swing with the bat. The front squat will benefit any athlete in increasing leg and shoulder strength as well as balance and stability. The barbell bench press, jump shrugs, and squats are other exercises ball players should practice which strengthen the entire upper body. Note: These exercises need to be first learned w/body weight before being progressed to weight bearing.


The reality is that competition is only getting better in baseball and softball, especially in southern California. Proper skill mechanics and technique alone will not give you the upper edge over your competition. Every ball player needs to build on his or her strength and power to stand out. More importantly they need to understand how to lift with proper form and know how to train for pre-season, in- season, and post season. Our certified and experienced Athlete Performance Coaches will ensure your baseball or softball players get an extra edge over their competition. The combination of injury prevention, speed, agility and functional strength training will transform your athlete into an unstoppable baseball or softball player.

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