Mental Training for Basketball

Getting out of a Shooting Slump During Your Basketball Season

Below are 4 mental game strategies to help you turn it around when you get off to a slow start and need to find momentum in a basketball game: 

1. Great shooters keep shooting. You can’t turn your game around unless you keep shooting. You must have faith that your skills are not “lost.”

2. Look for momentum-changing breaks in the game. When you’re not playing your best and you’ve lost momentum, it’s easy to look for bad breaks or bad luck. I want you to look for good breaks!

3. Avoid the “I-just-don’t-have-it-today-syndrome.” Instead, keep telling yourself “I’m going to turn my game around right now” – on every point or play.

4. Continue to trust your skills or shot. Many athletes who miss early in a game and they tighten up and over-control their shots. Avoid over-coaching yourself after making a mistake, which can make matters worse. Visualize the shot you want and allow your (well-trained) body to react to the target. Don’t let your conscious self interfere with your unconscious self!

Basketball season is here… Good Luck This Winter! Kick Some Butt…No Regrets!!!

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