College Softball Recruiting Guidelines

Don’t wait until your Junior year to start your College Recruiting Process for Softball!

The last thing you want to tell yourself is: ‘should’ve, could’ve or would’ve! You need to be proactive. Look over the information provided in this post and ask yourself what is realistic based on your current performance. Do you need extra work on your running speed? Need more power? The bottom line is that you need to BE PREPARED. A Softball performance training program is vital to your success.

Mackenzie McGill Boise State Champions Quest

Mackenzie McGill – CQ Alumni 2013 – Boise State Softball

Below are the Softball Recruiting Guidelines provided by the NCSA (National Collegiate Scouting Association.)

The guidelines provide the “ideal candidate” for positions in each of the NCAA’s divisions: I, II, and III. Again, these guidelines are for the “ideal candidate” but you will find exceptional softball collegiate athletes that are outside these guidelines and are playing in different divisions.

So take a look at the guidelines below and see where you stack up against the average Division I, II, and III athletes of the NCAA softball programs. As you are looking at the rosters of your Dream College, check and see if they line up with the guidelines. This will help you to see what your Dream College softball team is looking for in a future recruit.

Congrats to all our athletes playing in college and the pros.

Here are some Softball Recruiting Guidelines provided by NCSA that we wanted to share with you.

Pitchers D1 D2 D3
Height 5’9″ 5’7″ 5’6″
Velocity 60+, 63+ top 58+ 55+
ERA 1.0 or less 1.5 2.0
Catchers D1 D2 D3
Height 5’8″ 5’4″ 5’4″
Weight 160lbs 150lbs 140lbs
Pop Time <1.8 <1.9 <2.0
Home to 1B <3.0 <3.1 <3.2
Middle Infielders D1 D2 D3
Height 5’6″ 5’5″ 5’4″
Weight 135lbs 135lbs 125lbs
Home to 1B 2.8 2.9 3.1
Stolen Bases 10+ 10+ 8+
Corner Infielders D1 D2 D3
Height 5’7″ 5’6″ 5’5″
Weight 145lbs 140lbs 135lbs
Home to 1B <2.9 <3.0 <3.1
RBI’s 20+ 15+ 15+
Home Runs 2+ 1+ 1+
Centerfielders D1 D2 D3
Height 5’7″ 5’5″ 5’4″
Weight 135lbs 130lbs 130lbs
Home to 1B <2.8 <2.9 <3.1
Batting Average .400+ .360+ .330+




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