Amanda Jones, Youngest to Reach Olympic Level in CQ History!

Champion’s QUEST Athlete Amanda Jones, age 11, is the youngest to reach the Olympic level, which is the 2nd highest level an athlete can reach here at Champion’s QUEST.  Amanda plays basketball and soccer, with soccer being her main sport.  She has been a member here at Champion’s QUEST for about a year and 3 months with Brittany Gonzales as her Athlete Performance Coach. When asked about what kind of athlete Amanda is Coach Brittany said,”I ask 3 things from my athletes: 100% effort, push themselves to get better and have fun doing it.  Amanda has done all 3 from her first day here.  She is an example of perseverance and a wonderful athlete to work with.”

Amanda’s top improvements are as follows:

  • Her standing vertical gained 3.5 inches. She can now jump 15 in.
  • Her 5-10-5 change of direction speed improved by 0.37 seconds.
  • Amanda’s 10-yard dash speed went down by 0.29 seconds.
  • Her 40-yard speed went down by 0.58 seconds.
  • She increased her push-ups by 26! She can now do 56 push-ups.

We are very proud of Amanda’s achievements here at Champion’s QUEST and can’t wait to see what improvements she will make at her next evaluation.  Congratulations Amanda!


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