“When Should Athletes Be Training”

By: Ryan Bishel, BA, NASM-PES, NASM-CPT

I hear these types of questions a lot. “I started working with a coach to try to get
faster.” “Why am I spending so much time doing strength training?” It is very common
to have parents and athletes ask me why they spend so much time doing training for
strength when their goal is to get faster or jump higher.

Many athletes come to me for the first time and have weaknesses, imbalances and faulty movement patterns in their bodies witch would keep them from getting the most out of their speed classes and more importantly increase their risk of injury. If you have chosen to train with a coach that has chosen to put an emphasis on strength training to develop your speed, be glad – not upset.

Let me give you the most common example of weakness in almost all athletes I work
with: hamstrings and Glutes. If your coach has identified that these are weak areas on
your body and has emphasized strengthening them prior to, or in addition to your actual
speed training sessions, then they are doing the right thing in my opinion.

There is no way you can have optimal sprint technique or speed development without
strong hamstrings and glutes. Doing exercises that target the full range of motion that is
required of your body to go through while sprinting will enhance your ability to improve
your speed potential.

In fact, in my experience, athletes can gain speed without even doing sprints with the
proper strength program of course. In short, POWER (Strength) + TECHNIQUE
(Efficient Mechanics) = SPEED

For questions about how strength training can increase your athletes speed visit our website here.


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