Antoine Cason – Champion’s QUEST Athlete

Antoine Cason

2008 NFL 1st Round Draft Pick

San Diego Chargers

First Team All-American from the

University of Arizona,

2007 Jim Thorpe Award Winner

The NFL San Diego Chargers had only one precious pick in the first four rounds of the 2008 NFL draft and they used it to select Champion’s QUEST alumnus Antoine Cason.  Antoine, a top rated All-American college football corner back from the University of Arizona, not only intercepted five passes last season, he also returned two punts for touchdowns as a special teams receiver.  In 2007, Antoine was voted the #1 defensive back in college football and recipient of the Jim Thorpe Award.  Chargers Assistant General Manager Buddy Nix said Cason, timed at 4.54 in the 40-yard dash, was selected over all of the other college prospects for two reasons, “size and speed.”  Nix continued, “When we visited the school [University of Arizona] the first thing they told us was he has been the face of the program since they got him.  He’s that kind of leader.”

In 2002, Wendell, Antoine’s father and a former star defensive back for the Atlanta Falcons, was looking for a program to help Antoine increase his athleticism.  As a former professional football player, Wendell Cason was very knowledgeable about benefits of a high quality athletic training program.  After considering many options, Wendell and Antoine selected Champion’s QUEST.  Champion’s QUEST Trainers Greg Moss and Ryan Bishel went right to work on Antoine’s core strength, footwork, and speed.  They were committed to increasing Antoine’s athletic performance so he would get noticed by college scouts and coaches.  Likewise, Antoine was committed to working extremely hard and driving his peak performance to higher levels. Antoine said, “Champion’s QUEST helped me increase my speed, quickness and strength.  It took my game to a whole new level.”  The result was that Antoine did get noticed by the University of Arizona’s head football coach, Mike Stoops.  We’re proud of Antoine not only for his athletic achievements but for his leadership and character – that’s how you know he’s a Champion’s QUEST athlete.

Our congratulations and best wishes to Antoine and his family!

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