Mental Training for Baseball/Softball

Six Costly Mental Game Mistakes Baseball and Softball Players Make While Batting

By Dr. Patrick J. Cohn, Ph.D. & Jennifer L Croneberger, MGCP

There is a big common topic that comes up with all of the baseball & softball players that train here at the Champion’s QUEST Athlete Academies. I am talking about the mental game and mental preparation to be specific. I found this article by a sport psychologist & mental game coach that I have been following throughout my career and I wanted to share it with you. You can click the link at the end for the full article.

We know players that have negative thoughts and feelings even before reaching the batter’s box. Negative thinking creates a downward spiral effect during your at‐bat. If you allow negative thinking, such as “I can’t get a hit from this pitcher,” “This pitcher throws too fast for me,” or “His breaking ball is too good,” your self‐doubt and impede your hitting at the plate.  Your at‐bat routine does not start when you step foot in the batter’s box, as you might think. Hitting begins well before you take the first pitch.

Your routine actually begins when you analyze the pitcher, predict what pitches you may expect, speed, movement, etc. and recognize the game situation, runners on base, and score, even before you step into the batter’s box.  You must train yourself to go through your on‐deck routine the planning and thought process – that will help you succeed. However, the opposite is true too – failure to prepare your mind or negative thinking will increase your chances for failure.

The purpose of a hitting routine in baseball or softball is:

• To focus on what’s most important to help you execute
• To keep you from thinking negative thoughts or feeling
• To consistently prepare yourself for each pitch
• To instill confidence in your ability to hit the ball, or take
• To trust in your training and go for it

Six Mistakes Baseball and Softball Players Make During Their At-Bat Preparation

(1) Failing to Have a Specific Plan
(2) Lack of Full Commitment to the Plan
(3) Worrying about not Getting a Hit
(4) Lack of a Positive Image or Thought
(5) Over Analysis or Trying Too Hard
(6) CLICK HERE to see #6 and read/download the full 16 page report.

























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