Former Champion’s QUEST Athlete, Antoine Cason, in the News

Champion’s QUEST Athlete Makes Headlines!

Former Champion’s QUEST Athlete Antoine Cason had his breakout performance at San Diego Charger’s opening home game against the Jaguars!  It was his sixth career start at corner back and he really made it count!  With  two interceptions, four passes defensed and being able to take credit for one of the six Jaguars turnovers, no wonder he’s in the news! There were stories like “Cason Leads the Way” in the San Diego Union Tribune and Cason Acts as Ringleader of Takeway Parade” in the North County Times.

After the game Cason enjoyed his first visit to the media center at Chargers Park.    When interviewed he voiced that a big tool in his mental game is lot’s of self talk.  Self talk is his way of positive mental reinforcement.  He envisions making plays before every game.  Self talk is a big part of the Champion’s QUEST mental training program.  Envisioning your success and talking your self through it is the first step to attaining that success.

Antonio Gates, tight end for the Charger’s, was also in the media center. When told of Cason’s self talk he said, “Whatever works and whatever got him to play the way he was playing, he can keep doing it.” Lets hope he keeps it up and the San Diego Charger’s make it all the way this season.


For more articles about Antoine Cason and the Chargers check out these websites:

For information on self talk or athletic performance training for your athlete at Champion’s QUEST check out our website here.


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