Goal Setting 101

Goal Setting 101 – Be S.M.A.R.T!

In order to be successful in sport or in life, one must have, a) a goal to work towards & b) a strong desire to achieve it. By following the steps listed below you will develop both the proper road map as well as the clarity necessary to achieve your goals!

The first step is to determine the objective, purpose & importance. An example could be:

Objective: In 3 month’s time I will be able to squat twice my body weight.

Purpose: I am doing this because it will help improve my vertical jump height.

Importance: So that I can improve my athletic performance stats, to increase my recruiting chances for a D1 school in the next 6 months.


The next step is to use the S.M.A.R.T principle when determining your goal. It can provide structure to your training, practice and mental focus this season!

  • Be Specific: Specific goals work better than general ‘do-your-best’ goals. For example, if you’re a sprinter, rather than professing a desire to reduce your 100m time, you should state: ‘I intend to knock 1 tenth off my 100m time this season.
  • Be Measurable Simply saying that you want to trim your 100m time is insufficient. Continuous monitoring is needed, but this can become a bore so build a regular ‘testing day’ into your training schedule.
  • Be Adjustable: Goal-setting is a dynamic process. If, for instance, you become injured during a competitive season, you should be able to lower your goals accordingly. However, if you have quick gains, then raise your goal.
  • Be Realistic: It’s all very well saying “I want to break the 100m record” but that isn’t a realistic goal. Goals need to be difficult and yet obtainable.
  • Be Time-based: You will find yourself not having urgency to achieve your goal if there is not a deadline set.

In closing, you have to know what makes you: “get fired up” … “tick” … “relax” … “focus.” By doing so you will be a lot more successful at setting and achieving the goals that you set. It is guaranteed that there will be roadblocks, speed bumps and possibly disasters along the way on your journey to success… but it is your desire, passion and perseverance that will make you triumph past them.


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