CQ Athletes’ Signing Day

3 Champion’s QUEST Athletes of Wilson H.S.  Sign With Colleges

Champion’s QUEST is the only Athlete Academy of it’s kind. On a daily basis athletes enter our facility with a mind set to play at the collegiate level one day. For many this dream becomes a reality. But it is not given to them, they dedicate themselves to a structured training program year round, both off-season and in season. We are so proud of the following athletes as they have dedicated themselves to being the best they can be:

Krosby Pabst, Penn State, Soccer

Kellie Culbertson, Tulsa, Volleyball

Kellie Woolever, Pepperdine, Volleyball

Among the more successful teams were girls’ track, which had seven athletes sign, girls’ soccer, who will have five players at the next level (six if you count Candace Nicholson, going to Arizona for volleyball), and girls’ volleyball, which sent four girls on to the collegiate ranks.  Below you’ll find most of the names… [The full article with the full athlete list is posted on the LB POST SPORTS website]

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