ACL Injury Prevention

ACL Prevention Are You Preventing Your Athlete From an ACL Injury?

Here is an excerpt from a great article that I found from the NCSA:

Several injury prevention programs exist that are aimed at placing female athletes into safer biomechanical postures (4).

Altering specific aspects of jumping, landing, and changing direction have been the primary targets of these injury interven-
tion programs. The most common techniques are to: 1) change ‘stiff’ landings into ‘soft’ landings by having athletes bend
their hips and knees upon landing from a jump; 2) make athletes consciously aware of maintaining proper knee alignment
upon landing from double leg and single leg landings; and 3) replace the one-step stop or change in direction with multiple,
small steps.  These simple modifications will improve biomechanical aspects of many common movements found in soccer,
volleyball, and basketball.  In addition, by modifying biomechanical aspects of landing from jumps, beneficial alterations in
neuromuscular firing patterns occur that allow the hamstrings to assist in stabilizing the knee joint, thus reducing …. Go HERE for the rest of the article.

Go Here for more information on how Champion’s QUEST can develop an Injury Prevention program for your son or daughter.

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