Athletic Composure

Keeping Your Composure

Mariano Rivera

Composure is one of the best attributes a Champion can have. By definition it is the state or feeling of being calm and in control of oneself. This is referring to the control of ones emotions and thoughts. I have seen it hundreds of times over my career, athletes let their emotions and negative thoughts get the best of them. To overcome this, athletes need to learn composure.

“You have to hold your composure, because at any movement, any wrong pitch, could be devastating. I tried to make my pitches. Thank God I was able to do that.”
~Mariano Rivera

“It is important to stay calm. For me making an adjustment after Game 1 and 2 was very easy because what I was doing was just being a little overanxious. One thing about postseason, if you want to hit, you’ve got to swing at strikes, and if you don’t swing at strikes, you’re going to expose your weakness. That’s all I’ve been trying to do.”
~Alex Rodriguez

For this reason, the Champion’s QUEST Athlete Academy has always included mental toughness & sport psychology into every Peak Performance Program. By focusing on the mental development of the athlete we can increase the ability to maintain composure & confidence in highly competitive situations.

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